Texas Uk Collaborative

Swansea University has used this high profile network, identifying collaborative research opportunities with Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Health Science Center, and of Texas A&M University, University MD Anderson Cancer Research Center.


In the last three years the following has been reached by Swansea University through its partnership in “The Texas Uk Collaborative”.

• Successful proposition for the establishment of a Center for NanoHealth, reinforced by the support of the Texas Uk Collaborative.
• Becoming the first international partner in the Alliance for NanoHealth (ANH).

• Participating in the FDA – ANH Nanotechnology Initiative FANTI. Two members of Swansea University sit on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Senior Scientist of the FDA together with the aim of creating a Cooperation framework that comprise stakeholders from business for more rapid FDA Approvals (pharmaceutical, biotech and apparatus).

• £60,000 Capital Award from the Houston Foreign Commonwealth Office to encourage Research in Wales.

• £6.77 million funding from the EPSRC for research on amount entry mistakes with medical devices has been procured by a Cooperation between UCL and Swansea University this will cause the design and safe usage of interactional medical devices – the suggestion was significantly improved through the support of the Texas Uk Collaborative.

Pupil programmes were educated by:

• Organization of combined , Process NanoMedicine Safety Engineering. with Texas A&M University in Bioengineering
• The Award of “Bridging the Differences” ~£1.5 million for 3 year, across subjects from the EPSRC for Multidisciplinary Research “Hops” for

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